Nina Sergeevna


Nina Sergeevna


I love that the most cutting remark Martha has ever said to Clark is about his hair.  Nobody messes with the Jennings’ wigs.

Recap Roundup: Opening Credits

Refresher: Video + Screencaps

For analysis on the symmetry and symbolism of the opening credits please see quantumreality’s excellent breakdown here.

Bonus Info: The family shot is also used in Parenthood - see screencaps here

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Watching The Americans Podcast talks opening credits here 

The opening credits are made by Elastic TV who also made the credits of Game of Thrones and True Detective, see here. Also, a man by the name of Jon Forsman made the propaganda replicas seen in the credits. See here.

Tumblr user ‘bedeliadumurderer”s recap of the credits here

I want it to be real.